Liz: Poopie and shit are the same thing.
Mikey: No, they are not.
Liz: They are so!
Mikey: They are not!
Liz: How are they different?
Mikey: Poopie is what comes out of your butt. Shit is what's inside of your butt.
Liz: What! That's bologna. I call hogwash. That's hogwash.
Mikey: That's not hogwash, that's Hogwarts.
Liz: Blasphemy! Hogwarts is not shit or poopie! Take it back!
Mikey: Ah,I didn't mean, well, I take that back.

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Practicing my Case 1 presentation in a study room so no one outside of the room can hear me and got it up to 3 minutes 3 seconds! Score! But then I turned and saw Joe from my differential equations and physics class looking at me like I’m crazy which has brought me to the realization that it looks like I’m having a full conversation with the wall/window in here.

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oh my god

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I jumped out of a helicopter and was parachuting down and I got hit by a jet parachuting. As in the actual jet was being flown and flew into me and kept on going like WAS THAT A PERSON?! OH WELL.

I’m laughing so hard at this, haha

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