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I finished Seasons 1-7 of The Office, WOW.

Really awesome show! I’m ready to watch the next season. Won’t be the same without Michael, but I’m really curious. haha

Until I find a way to watch it, I’m gonna catch up and watch Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :) I’ll probably play Battlefield 3 a lot in between. haha

It is now almost 4 am,

I accidentally took a 2 hour nap at midnight haha


This is very important because it’s due today. Also, I have to wake up in… 4 and a half hours? I think I shall watch The Office anyways! I finally made it to Season 3 yesterday! haha

OH! And after I turn this lit paper in tomorrow, which is the last day of that class, I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE LIT AGAIN! So incredibly happy about that! :D

Just started watching The Office,

why did I not start this show sooner?!

I’m an idiot.